My Dog Training Journey

About Me/Education

I have lived with dogs my entire 30 years of life. I've loved each and every one of them and each one has had their own unique personality, special qualities and quirks,

even between two dogs of the same breed. 

In recent years, my husband and I purchased a farm where we are free to have all the dogs we want without worrying about the confinement and restrictions of a city. We love every minute of it!

When I first began dog training 4 years ago, I, like many others, adopted methods that were popular on tv, social media and among local trainers. This turned out to be my biggest mistake. Following popular, but outdated training techniques became my most crucial learning experience and encouraged the changes which lead me to my current training method.

I let myself down and more importantly I let my dogs down, and that breaks my heart to this day. The mistakes I made motivate me to do better-a lot better. 

I now strive to learn from people and organizations who have credentials in animal behavior, animal physiology, animal physics and everything in between. I look up to mentors who are educated and knowledgeable rather than who or what is popular on tv.

I follow a “know better, do better” motto and this is why I am what's known as a crossover trainer. I have learned in a hard way that dominance/pack leader/correction theory is not the way to humanly train dogs. I've learned from experience that although these methods may work at first, it doesn't last, or the correction needs to be increasingly firmer or more painful to the dog and in turn, everything escalates, including often times, the unwanted behaviour that’s being “corrected”.  

These outdated training methods also lead to shut down and/or suppressed dogs and the potential of fallout is usually inevitable.  

At Method Matters, I firmly believe in, and utilize positive reinforcement training methods, paired with redirection/removing from area and setting the dogs up for success. I do not follow any sort of abuse, intimidation techniques, pack leader, dominance, averse corrections etc. 

In 2015, I graduated with a 90% average in a 1 year Animal Behaviour College Dog Training Certification.

I completed the Animal Behavior Certificate by OLDS college and have also completed several online courses by leading expert Ian Dunbar. I also have certification in canine and feline nutrition.

I am a proud member of Alberta Force Free Alliance (AFFA) and will be attending Dr.Karen Overall’s training seminar in April 2019. I am eager to learn and acquire as much accurate information as I can to become the best possible dog trainer and dog owner. I believe there is always more to learn in dog training. As time moves forward, science advances and we are continuously learning more, sometimes ruling out outdated methods. Currently i feel more focus should be on educating and helping those who still train adversely. Aversive training/ pack leader/dominance theory is extremely outdated, harmful and unnecessary. When these methods are used to train, the dog responds to cue because they are afraid of the consequences (pinning, scolding, pulling on choke or prolong collar, knee to chest, smacking nose etc.) if they don't. 

This simply causes the dog to suppress their undesirable behaviour, rather than redirecting it to something more acceptable in your home, and in turn can lead to fallout. Think of a kettle on a stove, just about to boil. If you don't take it off the heat, the lid pops off. Dogs who suppress their natural instincts and behaviours due to aversive training methods typically demonstrate new or different unwanted behaviours in place of the ones being suppressed. These methods may also lead to aggression, nervousness, and anxiety.

At Method Matters, I consider the reason behind what your dog is doing. I look to science-based animal behaviour for answers about your dog and come up with suitable outlets for these instincts, rather than simply suppressing the behaviour. 

About Us

My Promise For You And Your Dog

 I will assess your dog and find the reason behind what your dog is doing not simply suppress the behavior and help your dog find another outlet that is acceptable to both him and yourself as dog owners. Also I will help you with everyday accomplishments you want to achieve with your dog and help create a well bonded relationship.

I look forward to helping you with your dogs to be a happy healthy family unit ❤️