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We offer in home training sessions within 100km of Winfield AB Warburg/Leduc/Devon/Wetaskiwin/DV etc

Further locations can be discussed.

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Science Based Dog Training

At Method Matters Dog Training we want to set you as a dog owner and your dog up for success! I follow the most recent science based training methods and engage in continuing education often. I understand the uncertainties and stressors of dealing with a dog, that dogs can't verbally communicate with us and it can be difficult to fully understand their needs to have a happy, fulfilled dog. One of my passions is teaching dog owners about their dog’s body language, and how to read your dog in any situation. I believe dogs are family and deserve to get proper training to help guide them. Dogs aren't born knowing not to jump, not to pull on leash, not to go potty in the house-we need to teach them. 

"Positive Reinforcement Trainers  recognize that, as the supposedly more intelligent species, it’s our job to get our dogs to demonstrate that they happily and eagerly want to do what we ask of them." By Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA

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Method Matters operates during week days and occasionally, weekends with limited availability. Our sessions are 45-60min and include an assessment (first visit), information and training strategies/demonstrations. As a client, you will receive a specific and customized plan to help you and your dog move from undesirable behaviours to solutions- completely force free! 

I look forward to helping you with your dogs to become a happy, healthy family unit. ❤️

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